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Time has an essential significance in our life.

Since many millennia, humans are organizing their daily routine with subsequent time phases which give their activities a clear structure.
Of course, we do need a reliable timing device for the observance of our time-schedule.
The observation of the sun and of the stars was in former times the means to find out the current time, but innovative watches are available today for this purpose.
The contemporary watch models of the famous manufactures fulfil their basic function with extreme precision which is first and foremost based on modern clockworks.
However, our English speaking customers expect from their watch still much more aside of pure functionality.
Since many years, the wristwatch is appreciated not only for practical reasons but also with consideration of stylish aspects.
The watch has become an international status symbol, and we expect thereof an adequate design corresponding with our individual personality.

High-quality watch models from our on-line shop

The assortment in our on-line shop offers the adequate watch for each and every conceivable taste.
For example, with our shop we offer to you watches with an extravagant and even dominating luxury produced by U-Boat, or watches with most recent features as originated by the Traser manufacture, further the particular stylish watches from Ingersoll und Welder as well as the newest prototype examples from Marc Coblen, Ice Watch, TW Steel and Diesel who are altogether popular producers of sophisticated watches.
First-class clockwork and selected designs are combined and available with our wristwatches on a high-level standard which is the acquired taste by a classicist of chronometers.
If it is an automatic disk drive, a quartz disk drive or also a digital clock - precision is reached with all these watch technologies by the long-standing experience of these famous manufacturers.

Noble Jewelry for Individualists from our on-line shop

The wristwatch is not only a part of own outfit, but it is an attribute of the personality and the individual standing is represented thereby. This flair can be increased with complementary jewelry.
That's why we offer to you in our shop suitable pieces of jewelry. These pieces of jewelry are tuned to your watch and to your outfit and complete your appearance. Thereby, you radiate a charisma on your surrounding which is not possible without this accessory.
The collection "Story" by Kranz & Ziegler from our offer allows you, for example, the individual arrangement of a stylish story bracelet with whose help you can tell your entirely own story.
Our assortment has an abundance of Charms ready for you, with each one having a quite special imagery with an elaborated combination of the information as desired by you.

Orders of Watches and of Jewelry from are simple, safe and comfortable

The on-line purchase of noble watches and valuable jewelry from our shop offers numerous advantages to our English speaking customers.
First, you find the most different watch models and also pieces of jewelry in our assortment along with especially favorable prices, and second, the on-line purchase from our shop offers you an extremely high comfort and with the help of our competent logistic partners you receive the product ordered from within shortest time and without delivery charges.
The delivery of the watches and of the jewelry is carried out by our European central warehouse in Germany.
Today, shopping cannot be easier for our English speaking customers.
Pay your order and purchase of watches and jewelry from both simple and optional by money transfer, credit card, PayPal, Amazon Payment or even by invoice via Billsafe.
In case the ordered watch or a piece of jewelry from our assortment does not correspond fully with your ideas, you just return the product and look around once more in our assortment.

Your complete satisfaction is our concern!

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