U-Boat by Italo Fontana from Tolle-Uhren.de


The men's watches of the high-end category from U-Boat are recognized with their distinctive and extravagant design. Hence, these watches are reserved especially for ambitious and English speaking customers who engird themselves with the pleasure of genuine luxury and who further pay high attention to their peculiar appearance with their wristwatch. All U-Boat watches are outlined personally by the world-famous designer Italo Fontana from the sunny Italy and are evolved by him. The personal traits of Italo Fontana are manhood and a life full of activities and these characteristics have also become the aura emanated by each of the U-Boat-archetypes designed by him.


Italo Fontana loves the sea, speedy cars and car racings as much as comfortable yachts and the unadulterated pure luxury and many other aspects of a radically maskuline life style. Definitely, all these predilections of the designer find their expression in every model of his U-Boat manufacture. Thereby, the incomparable style of these unique watches with a high-end quality is embossed.


U-Boat watches are made in meticulous manual labour

Up to now, every single watch from U-Boat is made in Italy by a noted watchmaker's master and in meticulous manual labour. The noblest materials and most exact clockworks are combined in the luxury watches of the brand U-Boat to a grade of quality which was not achieved before. Every watch from U-Boat is a luxury-man's watch which is produced exclusively as a limited edition in masterly manual labour. Thereby, the intrinsic value of these unique chronographs is substantially increased. Since long, the catchy model names like Chimera, Flightdeck and Classico have become in the world of the luxury-men's watches an authentic embodiment of the genuine technical skill of the watchmaker's craft.

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